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When it comes to selling your home, the cost of the long process often plays a huge part in who you choose to sell your property with.

The ongoing competition with estate agents on the high street and those online is known on the property market amongst everyone, but wouldn’t it be great to have the high street service with the online prices? Well, you can get that right here with Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd in Chorley, Adlington, Morecambe, Lancaster and Carnforth.

Trust in Your Estate Agents

Trust is one of the biggest factors when it comes to selling your home, that and the costs you could be spending in order to sell professionally. Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd understand that you want to keep costs down throughout the whole process and offer all clients the lowest prices possible to stay in competition with those online sellers you will see everywhere as soon as you log on to your screens.

Although there are pro’s and cons to both high street and online agents, we are here to outline how important the personal touch of a high street estate agent really is and how our team can provide the exact service you need.

Online Estate Agents Pros and Cons

A growing trend all over the UK is the rise in online estate agents and pretty much anything offline moving online to save costs. In the last four years we have seen a significant rise in online agents offering lowered costs and with that, of course, you get less of a service compared to those on the high street. Check out the pros and cons below and see for yourself how important high street estate agents really are.

Pros of Online Estate Agents

The most obvious pros to using an online estate agent is the lowered costs which are guaranteed. Another pro is that you often get the chance to work with numerous agencies at one time due to no one having full ownership of the selling process – multiple agents, multiple chances of a sale.

Cons of Online Estate Agents

Although they preach you get a 24/7 service, this cannot possibly be true. With an online service you aren’t given a dedicated agent, you don’t get to call whenever necessary and you also don’t get the required local knowledge of a local estate agent.

There is also more cons such as paying all your fees upfront with no guaranteed result, a lack of consistency across various properties and arranging viewings of your property yourself can be a great struggle. Without an estate agent on the ground in your area, you may have to carry out the viewings yourself, leaving the whole process feeling far from professional or secure and also sometimes an inconvenience.

High Street Agents Pros and Cons

It is clear with a high street agent, who has been around in the local area for some time, that you are getting a trustworthy service. Just like here at Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd, we have years of expertise ready and waiting to sell your property for the most suitable price possible – what are you waiting for? Book your valuation today here.

Pros of High Street Agents

With a high street agent, you get complete peace of mind that your property is in the best hands possible at all times. An experienced agent is ready and waiting to support you on the property market and being a physical face to speak to and work with, you instantly build the rapport you are looking for when making a huge life and financial change.

As well as expertise in their field, a high street estate agent will also have significant knowledge of the local area in which you are trying to sell your home. With this insider knowledge, they are able to add more positive pointers to your home description and hopefully encourage more viewings and therefore a sale. Being aware of the local surroundings also puts them in good stead to be aware of the local property market, property trends and pricing for certain areas meaning your property will compete fairly with others on the market.

Cons of High Street Agents

The usual cons when it comes to high street agents is the overall cost element of the process. With more service as such required and more groundwork from the estate agents, you expect a higher cost. Another con is that most people start their search for a new property online, at home or at work in their downtime meaning that a high street agent can often be a last point of call when someone is searching the property market.

But here at Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd we have completely abolished these cons and created the perfect selling mechanism on the high street for your property.

Selling Your Property With Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd, High Street AND Online

Here at Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd we have put the pros of both high street and online agents together and created the perfect option for all of our clients looking to sell their homes. For only £995* you can sell your home with locally trusted experts that know exactly what they are doing when it comes to selling properties of all types.

(*terms and conditions apply, including legal fee.)

Using years of experience to build our reputation in the local Northern areas, Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd are established in Chorley, Adlington, Morecambe, Lancaster and Carnforth. With a first-class understanding of residential properties and supporting landlords, we provide nothing but the highest standard of service to all of our clients and most importantly, for the best price.

We are your support when you need us most, we go above and beyond and we also advertise your property on many online portals, rather than just the two most famous like other estate agents in the area. With the ability to show your property in the best light both online and offline, you never miss out on a service you deserve.

Check out our social media page where we advertise every property we are selling to make sure all possible buyers get a sneak peak of the property before their viewings.

Get in Touch

With the versatility and reach of an online campaign but the personal and dedicated approach of a high street agent, Nationwide Estate Agents Ltd should be your first phone call when you are thinking about selling your property. Get in touch today to arrange a call or just to find out more information on 01257 275 217. We can also arrange a property valuation right here so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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